About Richard

Rick Evans, CLU

Richard Evans, CLU (Retired)

Investment Funds Advisor - Investia Financial Services Inc.

My career began in corporate group insurance & company pension plans. Not a usual path for individual financially planning.

The values & principles applied to the governance of corporate pensions apply similarly to individual retirement planning. It was a natural progression for me to grow our business by introducing investment & retirement advice to individual clients, many of them from management ranks of the companies I served.

Whether one is in the accumulation stage, pre-retirement, income planning or estate planning stage, my experience bridges the full spectrum of retirement planning. Investment selection, risk assessment, taxation, and insurance, are each major elements of effective planning. The priority of these components changes with the various stages of retirement planning and must be re-evaluated on an on-going basis. But each cannot be ignored in achieving one's personal objectives.

With 40+ years in business, I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience, dealing with all facets of retirement planning. Having been through several major downturns in the financial markets since 1982, I am able to offer perspective to the sometimes turbulent markets. The relatively conservative and holistic approach I take with clients has helped many navigate through volatile times.

The client relationship is centric to my process and is truly built on trust which must be earned.

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